Brewing with Torch Mountain Dripper

The Mountain Dripper can brew coffee for 1-2 people.
Use lightly roasted, medium ground, 12g of coffee beans per person, 120ml of coffee and brewed using a cone shape paper filter.
(In this case, we recommend pouring hot water at a temperature of 88-92°C.)

Fold a commercially available conical paper filter along the dotted line as shown below. Hario 01 or Kono “for 1 to 2” size is recommended.

Place the folded paper filter on the dripper and add ground coffee beans.

Flatten it out and make an dent in the centre  to make it easier to pour hot water (for a single cup, just flatten it out).

Slowly pour the hot water outwards in counter-clockwise motion from the centre of the dripper

Let it bloom until it smells good (about 30-40 seconds).

To extract all the flavours of the coffee evenly, pour it from the centre of the coffee so that the coffee bed expand, let it rest and repeat while maintaining a steady rhythm.

Once you have extract the desire amount of coffee, remove the dripper and let it drain into an empty cup to prevent over-extract.

[This recipe is proudly presented by Torch]

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