Brewing with Torch Donut Dripper

The donut dripper can brew coffee for 1-3 people.
Use dark roast, medium-fine grind, 12g of coffee beans per serving, brew 120ml of coffee.
(In this case, we recommend pouring hot water at a temperature of 80-85°C.)

Use a commercially available trapezoidal paper filter. We recommend the Kalita 103 and Melita 1×4 sizes, but for small quantities, use the Kalita 102 and Melitta 1×2 sizes.

Using the perforation on the bottom as a reference, fold slightly diagonally toward the perforation on the side as shown in the photo.


Fold the sewing machine side of the back side along a line about 115 degrees from the bottom so that the bottom is 4 cm.

Place the folded paper filter on the dripper and add the ground coffee beans. Flatten it and make a dent in the centre to make it easier to pour hot water.

Gently and slowly (but boldly) pour the hot water into the centre, filling the dent and slowly pour outwards. Stop pouring when the coffee bed has risen well. Wait for a strong sweet smell (after 25-35 seconds).

The speed of pouring is slow, dripping, like extracting all the deliciousness of coffee up to half of the amount to be extracted.

The second half is a little faster, the purpose is to dilute the coffee extracted in the first half.

Once you’ve extracted enough coffee, remove the dripper from the server to prevent over-extract.

[This recipe is proudly presented by Torch]

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