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Ethiopia – Kochere Beloya, Anaerobic Fermentation – Straight Up Roaster


Roasted by Straight Up Roaster

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation

Altitude: 1790-2020 masl

Varietal: Heirloom

Roaster Notes: Mandarins + Red Wine + Rum Soaked Fruits

Anaerobic processing was introduced to Gedio, Kochere in 2020. This process ferments the coffee in fully sealed and oxygen deprived vessels, in this case for 20 days, before a further 20 to 25 days of drying on raised beds. This intensive processing technique results in highly fruity coffees with wild, funky flavours.

Located in Moonah, Tasmania, Straight Up Roaster has been roasting since 2014. They carefully select their beans for their distinct flavour profile, reflective of their origin or “terroir”. In 2019, Straight Up Roasters won four Golden Bean awards. Their “Smooth Criminal” blend took out silver in the Espressos (short black) category and “Wingman” blend won bronze in the milk based (latte) category. Furthermore, tow of their single origin micro-lots won medals too.